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A new school year has begun and with it learning and preparing the youth for the future. Recently, 3D printing in education has become more widely known. Despite 3D printing being relatively new on the mainstream market, more and more 3D printers and applications of 3D technology are being found. The leading 3D printing manufacturers have already developed specialised machines for children and printers to cover educational needs. Such as the desktop 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting. They created the Da Vinci Color 3D printer and further developed a MiniMaker version that is specifically geared towards STEM subjects in schools or the Toybox designed for children.

The use of 3D printing at school makes sense when looking at the range of benefits it entails. But what are the possibilities of integrating 3D printing in schools and its classrooms? Especially with the crowded curriculum of the students. What time is then left to handle such an innovative technology as 3D printing?

Although the use of new media has been interdisciplinary integrated in all the programs, an example is the alliance between Samsung and Makerbot to create 1,300 intelligent classrooms in European countries such as the UK, where 3D printing is already the priority. But, the use of innovative 3D technology so far is still mainly aimed at specific projects or full days of projects.

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 12 Nov 2014

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