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GAP (Gower Access Path) Project
Following on from the funding for a feasibility Study, GAP would like to recuit like-minded people to help with funding applications and fund-raising activities in order to make the path a reality. Please pledge your support to this project below and help us make travel across Clyne Common safe for all users.

posted on 30 Jan 2018

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Volunteer Fundraiser
We need people to help us run fund-raising events
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Grant Application Help
We need volunteers to help us write effective grant applications
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Community Organising Team
Volunteers to join a Community Organising Team with the aim of enabling an ongoing conversation with residents to suggest, rate and debate ideas to improve our community. Priorities emerging from this ongoing conversation can then be used as evidence of need for working groups to research potential solutions. Projects can then be created to be crowdsourced into local ownership. Do pledge to volunteer if you’d like to be involved in empowering our community through participatory and digital democracy.

posted on 9 Mar 2018

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Community Organisers
Enthusiastic volunteers to join a Community Organising Team and help engage local people in an ongoing conversation around priorities, helping people to self organise and turn good ideas into action.
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Plastic-Free Team
We need a small group of people who are interested in gaining Plastic-Free accreditation for Bishopston and supporting the community on this journey. There is a minimum requirement of one meeting a year and any help you can give to help reduce the use of single use plastic within the community will be really appreciated.

posted on 6 Jun 2018

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Team member
We need a small group of keen individuals who would like to see Bishopston get Surfers Against Sewage Plastic-free Bishopston accreditation. Any time you're able to contribute will be gratefully received but there is a minimum requirement of one meeting per year.
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Dark Sky Community Team
It is proposed that the Council pursue a Dark Sky designation with partners. The most appropriate designation will need to be confirmed, but the most likely is ‘Dark Sky Community’. Defined as:
‘A town, city, municipality or other legally organized community that has shown exceptional dedication to the preservation of the night sky through the implementation and enforcement of a quality outdoor lighting ordinance, dark sky education and citizen support of dark skies. Dark Sky Communities excel in their efforts to promote responsible lighting and dark sky stewardship, and set good examples for surrounding communities.’
Gower AONB Partnership, Gower Activity Centres and Dark Sky Wales are already keen to develop this project and would like to hear from others who want to know more and get involved

This video explains a bit more:

posted on 25 Jun 2018

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Team member
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Bishopston Skate Facility Project
We are looking to create an outdoor skateboarding facility for children to meet, socialise, play and have fun in a safe, free-to-use environment. It will benefit the whole community; local children and adults of all ages, gender and race, are able to use the skatepark, using bikes, scooters and skateboards that they already have. It will also give parents peace of mind.

Children are spending more time in-doors, on phones, iPads and Social Media and the mental and physical well-being of children is suffering. They need a fun and engaging outdoor space for activities and to interact with one another and build vital social and interpersonal skills. This will have long term benefits and a positive impact on our community. An alternative for kids who are struggling to identify with team sports, this can give them a sense of belonging.

posted on 17 Jan 2019

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Fund raising
People to help raise funds for this project. We would like help with running events, sourcing raffle prizes and writing grant applications and all other aspects of funding a project of this scale.
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Project Management
We need help to take this project forward and make it a success
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A portable skills school that is aimed at people of all ages but especially the young, offering practical skills training and knowledge to enable a person of any age to understand and do something practical and take action on the climate emergency.
Mansel Green offers lots of opportunities:
- To provide an example of what we should be doing to produce fuel and materials to replace coal, oil and natural gas: e.g. woodland management which involves coppicing with standard trees and pollarding.
- Hedgelaying, around the village to provide windbreaks, nature habitat and create a thing of beauty.
-Plastic free learning hub: learn how to grow and harvest willow and then weave your own plastic free containers.out of willow. Which is what we did before the overuse of plastic.
- Learn scything, how to mow the grassland without using fossil fuels, and control invasive bracken and bring back wildflowers and plants.
On other sites in Murton learn how to grow food and fibres using carbon negative horticulture, building up Carbon in the soil while growing our food using 'a no dig system'. (google regenerative agriculture and look at Soil4Climate facebook page.)
This is a place to talk, and learn from each other and equip ourselves with what we need now and the coming years. A place to find like minded people who care about whats happening with the environment.

posted on 26 Jun 2019

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Join Murton Community Choir - Volunteer Team
Come and join in the fun! No previous singing experience required. We are a lively and inclusive group focused on singing for our own enjoyment. Both men and women are very welcome.
We meet every other Saturday morning at Murton Day Room from 10-30 to 13.00.
£7.50 per session, no termly fee.
Autumn term starts Saturday 7th September 2019. For full term dates and details of our tutors please see our Facebook page or email Simon Cooper: 07392 362293
Alternatively for choir news, contact us at

No registration required, just turn up and make a joyful sound!

posted on 4 Nov 2019

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Connecting Rural Communities - Volunteer Team
The Swansea Rural Community Voice Project ran for two years and in many ways achieved positive outcomes that went beyond the scope of the project. The potential for people to come together around common goals and themes such as the environment, transport and food and growing was realised within individual communities.

We would like to begin a new project, building on this success, with the aim of connecting people within communities along these themes and further connecting these groups to share ideas and best practice across the eight rural wards of Swansea, increasing the resilience and sustainability within all rural communities.

We will be recruiting volunteer Community Champions who will help raise awareness of the project within these communities and approach local businesses and organisations to sponsor the community group. Through this sponsorship, our aim is to create self sustaining jobs for Community Champions and in turn ensure ongoing services for Community Voice.

The sponsorship package on offer will allow local businesses to advertise not only offers and services but also any positive impact they have had within their communities. This sponsorship will ensure the continued free use of the platform in communities, the generation of a quarterly Community Voice publication and will also pay for an employee to manage engagement and volunteers within these communities.

Please rate this idea to help us keep the conversation going and give a voice to everyone in rural Swansea.

If you need any more information, please call 0800 689 0290.


posted on 4 Nov 2019

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Plastic-free Bishopston - Volunteer Team
Taking inspiration from Penzance, the first place with plastic-free coastline status, we need to work with residents and businesses in the ward to reduce the use of single-use plastic and aim for our own accreditation!

posted on 14 Nov 2019

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