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Youth Voice in Action has arrived in Pennard.

Pennard Community Council have teamed up with VocalEyes to create a way for young people in the community to have their say on what facilities and amenities they want and need during our various stages of a "new normal" and beyond. This has been made possible thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation Wales.

There is a whole topic dedicated to Ideas for Youth Voice in Action in the VocalEyes Pennard community group where young people can suggest ideas and rate ones already added. The platform will prioritise the ideas based on the average rating and the number of people engaging with the idea.

The best news is that Pennard Community Council have allocated up to £5000 to make the best, and achievable, ideas a reality.

We also hope that some young people will feel so empowered by this project they will sign up to become Community or Climate Action Influencers, spreading the word and helping take ideas into actions.

Follow us on instagram @yva_gower or get in touch to find out more:

posted on 25/03/2021

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Thanks to the work of Pennard Community Council. Starting with an idea on VocalEyes, a fully working water fountain has been installed at Pennard Stores. Funded by the community, people can top up for free when enjoying the cliffs. It’s here for everyone, residents and visitors can enjoy the generosity of the Village without leaving a mark, reducing the amount of plastic entering our oceans.

Categorias: Ideas into Action, posted on 01/09/2020

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Pennard Community Council have been awarded funding by the Rural Development Partnership to carry out a feasibility study into a Community Hub on Pennard Playing field.

The idea came from and had support via VocalEyes and the Council agreed to use some of the 2018/19 £5000 budget allocated to ideas from this community engagement platform as match-funding.

The Community Council went out to tender and appointed a contractor at their November meeting to deliver the study.

Further community engagement on this idea will be taking place over the coming months so watch out for public meeting announcements if you would like to have your voice heard.

Categorias: Ideas into Action, posted on 20/11/2019

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Following on from the Council's Climate and Ecological Emergency declaration in May, the Council have worked with residents to produce an action plan for 2020.

The plan will soon be available for download from the Council website along with a pledge card for residents to identify any changes they are currently making to improve their carbon footprint and make pledges to move these actions forward during the period of the plan.

In order for the actions in the plan to be realised, the Community Council will be looking for interested residents to support the Council in realising this year's plan and producing one for the following year.

posted on 20/11/2019

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As most of the ideas put forward on the Vocaleyes Platform have been of an environmental nature. This has given the Community Council the impetus to declare a Climate Emergency for Pennard Ward. During the next six months we will be seeking advice and working with the Community to produce a plan for a carbon zero future for Pennard. If you are interested in helping us achieve these goals, we would love to hear from you.  Our vision is to include all demographics within the Community. 


Categorias: Case Study, posted on 17/05/2019

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