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Cash Machine Charges

We recently received an idea on My Voice about the charges that have been imposed on the cash machine in the college. We have spoken to our Estates team who have provided us with a statement about the chargeable bank machine.
The charges were introduced by the operator Cashzone due to a cut in the fee operators receive from banks. The College does not receive any money from Cashzone for the ATM and the introduction of the charges were outwith our control.

 In order for the withdrawal fee to be removed we need to average 1800 transactions per month for a 12 month period. From 01/08/18 - 31/07/19 we only averaged 1200 transactions per month and from 01/08/19 to date we have only averaged 407.

We are likely to see a further reduction in the number of ATM's in the high street as people are moving away from cash payment. The college offer contactless/chip and pin in all catering outlets throughout the college.

We really tried to have the fees removed, but unfortunately they were introduced across the UK as a whole by the ATM operators. We will continue to work to find a solution to change this in the future.


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Social Monthly Mixers

Thank you to the student who submitted the idea for the Students' Association to put on social monthly mixers as a way of getting to know other students in the college. 

We're working together with Strathclyde Students' Union to organise events specifically for City of Glasgow College students. We've already hosted a 'Welcome to College' night which took place during freshers' week. We're excited to announce we have another night coming up on the 8th December - our end of term Christmas night! 

If you're interested in coming along to this night, you can find more details on our Facebook events page here - https://bit.ly/2QmenRs 

We hope to see you all there. 

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Your Students' Association have been working in partnership with Baxter Storey over the past few months, providing them with your feedback and ideas! We received over 200 ratings for ideas relating to more vegan, vegetarian and food intolerance options

Baxter Storey have now introduced more food options and products for students with specific dietary requirements. Please ask a member of the Catering staff for what options are available and they'll be able to point them out to you.

If there are any other food options or products you would like on the menu, please email: amiller@baxterstorey.com

Food featured in the video: Pesto roasted vegetable baguette topped with buffalo mozzarella. Sea salt, thyme and black pepper roasted vegetable baguette with a duo of roast vineyard cherry tomatoes and mustard slaw. Full range of Grab 'n' Go vegetarian sandwiches, pasta pots, jacket potatoes and fillings. New vegan lines coming soon! 

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My Voice - More vegan, vegetarian and intolerances food options.

Voting took place earlier this month in our first online AGM.

Unfortunately, none of the motions received the minimum of 200 votes needed to become Students' Association Policy and so these will now be carried forward to the next meeting of our Student Representative Council which takes place on May 9th. Full details of the motions and the voting can be found at http://www.citysa.co.uk/representing-you/agm3.html.

Any student is welcome to come along to this meeting as an observer if they are interested in finding out what happens with any of the motions. To come along please email citysa@cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk and we will give you all of the details.

posted on 25.04.2018

My Voice April Update

Hi everyone!

Thanks very much for all of you have submitted, rated and
commented on ideas so far on My Voice. We have had loads of really great ideas
and have been working hard to start conversations and get the ball rolling on
many of them by working in partnership across college departments and
help you influence change! Some ideas have been easy to implement but some take
some time and we are working hard to make sure your voice is heard. Here are
where we are with some of your ideas that we've decided to take forward and form
part of our Student Partnership Agreement.

Fairer Absence System
- We looked into this and found that not all students are aware of what support
is available to them through the existing college policies and we will be
working to make sure these are more widely promoted. NUS are currently working
to review the process and City SA will support them in this to ensure the
fairest system is used.

Longer Opening Hours - We worked with staff in the library to extend library opening hours from 7pm
to 9pm Monday to Thursday. These extra two hours are not staffed, but the
spaces are still open to students. We hope to see earlier opening hours and
weekend times extended in the future.

No Taught Classes in
Open Spaces
- The college have agreed that the open classrooms should
not normally be used for traditional lectures. These rooms are to be used for
break out spaces, group work, project work and self-directed study. We are
forming a working group to review the timetabling process and implement rules
for room usage with the hope the spaces will be used more effectively.

Staff Teaching
Qualification Requirements -
The College offers a programme for all
teaching staff to complete formal teaching qualifications while working at City
and most staff will have achieved this within their first two years in their
roles. The idea was discussed further at the Student Representative Council
where it was discussed that industry experience, attitude, enthusiasm and
motivation was more important than a standard teaching qualification. We have
decided to introduce student-led Teaching Awards in academic year 18/19 to
allow students to nominate those who display best teaching practices in various
different ways.

MyCity App - MyCity will be under a renovation over summer and the IT department are looking
into introducing a new system called Canvas which is more mobile native and so
things like timetables and documents would be more accessible on mobile
devices. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Language Classes -
CitySA are liaising with relevant staff in the languages department within the
college to look into the possibility of running language classes and offering
e-learning materials for students to improve their language skills and increase

Cheaper Printing
- You felt that you were given insufficient funds on your print cards this
year. We are working with IT to review how the funds are decided and
distributed so it is fairer for all students. Additionally, we are going to
remind lecturing staff that all essential course materials should be printed
using the college print room by staff and distributed to students and that
students should not be using their personal allowance for this. 

If you have any questions at all then fire them over to me: megan.cartwright@cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk



Student President

posted on 06.04.2018