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Do you play Overwatch on PC? Are you a current student?

Would you like to take part in some fun competitive matches?

GCS owls want to hear from YOU! We can cater for all ranks and are always on the lookout for new players to help us compete across the divisions.  We can cater for all ranks and abilities, and play every Wednesday afternoon.

If you are interested and want to find out more contact Paul Vincent from the enrichment team at

Categories: Featured, posted on 2 Jun 2020

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I’m sure you will have heard that the examinations you had planned to take this summer have unfortunately now been cancelled.


We appreciate how disappointed and upset you must be feeling given that you won’t get the opportunity to showcase all the hard work you have undertaken over the past couple of years.


We are currently awaiting further details on how your work and performance will be assessed, although we believe this will be based on your assessment being marked by your lecturers.


As soon as we have clarity on this we will let you know. But in the meantime I would like to give you some advice that will help you to achieve the best grades possible and allow you to take your next step, which may include a higher level course at a top university, an apprenticeship, a job or progress further within the College.


The advice is please don’t forget your studies.


Assessments and grades will certainly be based on work undertaken to date and therefore there could be opportunities to both tidy up and possibly even improve this work.


At the same time assessments etc. could be based on future work provided by lecturers through a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions or set work. Therefore, it is important you keep in contact with your lecturers and tutors, in accordance with your set timetable, and by the method your tutors have set out.


Already some universities and employers are indicating that future interviews will enquire how students used their time effectively to study and learn during the Covid-19 outbreak.  


We firmly believe that if you successfully complete all of your course, then this will put you ahead of other students who may not follow this advice, both in terms of securing the best offers from universities and employers.


The next few months may be very different for all of us, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still thinking of your future. As our students, we are committed to giving you the greatest number of opportunities possible.


So please keep up the hard work, and with the continued support of your lecturers and the College, I have no doubt whatsoever that you can still achieve everything you want to.


Stay safe


Mark Jones


Categories: Featured, posted on 25 Mar 2020

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Coronatime is coming and people are going to start to quarantine themselves, would any of you guys want to be the people to help those who are quarantined themselves with things like bringing food, calling people and or bringing medicine?

If so, please contact to get involved! We would love to have you onboard

posted on 19 Mar 2020

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