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VocalEyes Democracy Day no. 3 in Llanelli as part of the Children's Zones initiative, this time at Bigyn Primary School .. check out these young people's priorities, they may not be what you expect.

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VocalEyes Democracy Day, Childrens Zones, Bigyn Primary School, Apr 2019

Seeing duplicate ideas in your group can be frustrating. Here's how to deal with it..

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VocalEyes Tutorials: Managing Duplicate Ideas

Your Students' Association have been working in partnership with Baxter Storey over the past few months, providing them with your feedback and ideas! We received over 200 ratings for ideas relating to more vegan, vegetarian and food intolerance options

Baxter Storey have now introduced more food options and products for students with specific dietary requirements. Please ask a member of the Catering staff for what options are available and they'll be able to point them out to you.

If there are any other food options or products you would like on the menu, please email: amiller@baxterstorey.com

Food featured in the video: Pesto roasted vegetable baguette topped with buffalo mozzarella. Sea salt, thyme and black pepper roasted vegetable baguette with a duo of roast vineyard cherry tomatoes and mustard slaw. Full range of Grab 'n' Go vegetarian sandwiches, pasta pots, jacket potatoes and fillings. New vegan lines coming soon! 

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My Voice - More vegan, vegetarian and intolerances food options.