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First conference engaging the school community with VocalEyes at UPAP´s school

posted on 3 Oct 2019

In school council we discussed our rights such as we have a right to an education and that we have a right to be heard. We also talked about why we have loud and proud. The children are making posters for their classrooms about the right for October which is we have a right to be heard. We've added 2 topics to vocal eyes to ask the children how we can improve our art, music & drama and the best ways to improve our health. These link to our school improvement plan. School council need to ask their teachers to allow time to respond. School council have just got their new badges.

posted on 27 Sep 2019

Gower College Swansea has recently made big change which is to change from one-time-use cups to reusable cups. This change happened because of ideas that were created on VocalEyes.

This college is on its way to becoming more eco-friendly for the future. This happens by acting now.

Gower College Swansea has taken action changes that students are wanting change on. We are always there for students to improve their quality of college life along with propelling them into the future with our high standards of education.

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 27 Sep 2019

Gower College Swansea has introduces a new role to become a GCS Active Ambassador. Their role will be organizing activities for students, attend meetings with professionals in physical and well being activities and lastly, the Active Ambassador will sit on the board of students which will decide on changes for the college.

The ambassador will represent their fellow students in the board of students. This is specially important as this means that the department that the ambassador will present will not be forgotten about.

This move is to moving into effect as to tackle the problem of generations becoming less active. With this role, we will ensure that we wont let an opportunity pass to tackle a huge issue.

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 24 Sep 2019