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Group XR Swansea

Also we would like to say a great big massive humongous ginormous THANK YOU to those who organised and came to our fundraiser at the Elysium Bar on 20th December! I can reveal during that fantastic shindig we raised....... £948.50 for XR Swansea!!! WOW people!!! This is such a boost for us - thank you ever so much for this heartwarming leg up.

Big huge thank you to Elysium Bar for providing the venue for free. To the amazing bands CopperCaille and the Balkaneers for organising the event and playing for free.
To Michelle Huggins for all her hard work raising the gifts for the auction. To everyone who donated gifts for the auction and raffle. To Lisa Harley and Kira for calling the auction. And to everybody who came and supported and put some money in the donations box.

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There will be new bike shelters coming very soon!  Thank you Mrs James!

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You have been voting on Vocal Eyes OVERWHELMINGLY in favour of bringing back cheese at break time.  Mrs James, the staff and most of you all see no reason why cheese cannot be served at break time, but there are regulations stopping us from serving cheese as part of our snack provision.

The School Council listened, so we wrote to the First Minister of Wales, our Assembly Member Mr Mark Drakeford.

Despite his busy schedule, he found time to write back to us.  You can see his letter on display in the stairwell leading to the Year 6 classrooms.  

We are still not able to serve cheese at break time, but some of our older School Council members will be meeting with Mr Drakeford in Hanuary when he visits the school.  

It may not prove to be possible to bring back cheese as we would like, but WE ARE TRYING VERY HARD ON YOUR BEHALF!  Watch this space!

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You voted on Vocal Eyes to change the way we run the rewards system - Kings' Table.

Lots of ideas were posted and the School Council discussed these ideas.

There was a competition we ran to redesign the certificate. A huge thank you to all who entered.

Lower School wanted to keep the Kings' Table the same, with pupils joining Mrs James for lunch in the hall on the Friday.  Upper School voted to have their reward in class, with each class choosing a differnt reward.

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On Vocal Eyes, many of you voted to have a winter PE kit.

You voted, we listened!  You now have a winter PE kit.

Categories: Ideas into Action, posted on 19 Dec 2019