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The College has listened to your views and through numerous channels I.E Student Management Group and Vocal eyes and we are delighted to tell you we are now able to increase our vegan offerings. As well as the standard vegan options available our catering manager has put in place a new call to order system to minimise on waste. You simply request a vegan option to the catering staff and they will be able to prepare you a vegan meal. (as it will be cooked to order there will be a slight wait). 

There was also a request for more vegan snack and sweet options and we now have an additional vegan snack bar being sold across campus and Vegan Magnum Ice creams are also available.

We see this as a brilliant and positive start top improving our catering offerings and want to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions to make this happen. 

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 27 Feb 2020

You voted on Vocal Eyes to change the way we run the rewards system - Kings' Table.

Lots of ideas were posted and the School Council discussed these ideas.

There was a competition we ran to redesign the certificate. A huge thank you to all who entered.

Lower School wanted to keep the Kings' Table the same, with pupils joining Mrs James for lunch in the hall on the Friday.  Upper School voted to have their reward in class, with each class choosing a differnt reward.

Categories: Ideas into Action, posted on 19 Dec 2019

On Vocal Eyes, many of you voted to have a winter PE kit.

You voted, we listened!  You now have a winter PE kit.

Categories: Ideas into Action, posted on 19 Dec 2019

The pupil toiilets on the first floor have, for many years, had taps which simply haven't worked properly. Over the years, they have been assessed many times, but with no success.  Pupils have not been able to wash their hands properly.  
We raised this as an idea on Vocal Eyes, and things started to change!  Pupil Voice was being listened to, and because of this, the work was finally completed, and the taps now work properly.  

Categories: Ideas into Action, posted on 19 Dec 2019

Pennard Community Council have been awarded funding by the Rural Development Partnership to carry out a feasibility study into a Community Hub on Pennard Playing field.

The idea came from and had support via VocalEyes and the Council agreed to use some of the 2018/19 £5000 budget allocated to ideas from this community engagement platform as match-funding.

The Community Council went out to tender and appointed a contractor at their November meeting to deliver the study.

Further community engagement on this idea will be taking place over the coming months so watch out for public meeting announcements if you would like to have your voice heard.

Categories: Ideas into Action, posted on 20 Nov 2019