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We supported zero-waste Bristol delivery service Oat Float with a £5,000 grant through our Your Community Your Choice programme (YCYC).

Part of the funding was given so Oat Float could run free environmental workshops in the local community. 

One of the workshops that took place was a flower arranging workshop for residents living at Ashley Court in Bristol, held in the newly renovated courtyard area, a project also funded through YCYC.

The workshop, which was run by Clare Erde of Erde Flowers took place on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August and 6 residents attended for free.

The Oat Float also made it to the workshop, offering the opportunity for residents to buy zero waste products from the converted 1974 milk float.

**Daisy Mummery, our Community Development Officer**, said: “This was a great workshop for residents at Ashley Court, offering the opportunity for them to be able to learn a new skill for life on the renovated courtyard area."

For more information on Your Community, Your Choice, please visit our website.

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One of the projects that was successful in last year’s Your Community Your Choice programme was ‘A Library of Things’ run by Share Bristol.

Local residents can borrow everything from power tools and guitars, to camping equipment and highchairs.

Members pay an annual cost – usually £50 – but can then borrow whatever they like during that time.

As part of the £5,000 funding we gave Share Bristol, which was used to help set up the shop, **50 Sovereign residents can get free membership for one year.**

**Daisy Mummery, Community Development Officer for Sovereign**, said: “This is a great project for Sovereign residents to benefit from. Whether it’s a drill for a DIY project or a chocolate fountain for a party, The Library of Things will help you borrow anything you need to live your life.

If you’re a Sovereign resident in Bristol and would like to access the free one year membership offer, please sign up at

Once you’ve registered, please select ‘Sovereign;’ as your membership type.

The Library of Things is open every Saturday from 10-2 at 1-5 High Street, Kingswood, BS15 4AA.

Categories: Announcement, posted on 17 Sep 2021

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As many as 60 families could benefit over the next year from free food kits and an online cookery course being run by Bristol’s cookery school, Square Food Foundation and Sovereign Housing Association.

The organisations are working together to provide free weekly DIY meal kits to Sovereign residents for the whole 2021-22 academic year. The packs include pre-weighed and measured ingredients, a recipe and a cook-along video tutorial presented by a cookery teacher, and enticing recipes include Singapore noodles, Mac n cheese, Black bean quesadillas, pancakes with leeks and ham and vegetable pasties.

**Daisy Mummery, Community Development Officer for Sovereign**, said: “These sessions will go live on 21 September, with Sovereign residents in Bristol able to sign up now for the first six weeks’ worth of food boxes – providing them with a delicious family dinner each week until 19 October. There are ten kits available each week, and anyone who misses out will be put on a priority list for next term.”

Those who sign up will need to collect their weekly cooking kit from Knowle West Children Centre, on a Tuesday, between 1 and 3pm.

**The course is running thanks to £5,000 funding from Sovereign’s Your Community Your Choice project**, which is currently open for more applications, and provides funding for projects that improve outdoor spaces in Sovereign communities.

Daisy continued: “Having the time and energy to think up new dinners is often exhausting for busy parents, with fresh ingredients seeming more pricey or inaccessible than processed foods. This course not only provides a great way for families to spend time together, but could also ignite a passion for good food and cooking in budding junior chefs.”

**Charlotte Fife, one of Square Food Foundation’s cooking teachers **said: “Square Food’s virtual cooking club was born during lockdown as a way to keep families making proper square meals while they were stuck at home. We can’t wait to make the virtual cooking club available to Sovereign’s residents.”

To learn more about the work Square Food Foundation go to

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